Transform your IT Service Desk

Outsource your Social Care IT Service Desk, improve response times, reduce costs and create a platform to support your digital transformation strategy.

Achieve full DSPT (Data Security and Protection Tool Kit) compliance

Understand your current IT environment and services, identify any DSPT, CQC, ICO and Insurance compliance weaknesses and build a IT management roadmap to full compliance.

Microsoft Power BI

Produce meaningful dashboards and reporting and improve decision making through the automated interrogation of your data sources including Excel and API enabled cloud based applications.

Remote Monitoring and Management

UK based remote monitoring of your IT Workplace, Home workers, Infrastructure and IT Security achieving a truly proactive approach whilst enabling DSPT and insurance compliance.

Working together to deliver a better IT experience for your care and operational teams

Workplace IT specialise in providing IT Outsourced Services to the Health and Social Care sector throughout the UK.

Our team support many of the UK’s leading commercial, public sector and Charity (Not for Profit) Care Groups providing an alternative approach to IT Service Delivery focused entirely around speaking your language and delivering a unique, ‘everything is critical’ approach to IT support.

If your organisation is involved in Care Homes, Domiciliary Care, Specialist Education, Hospices, Private Clinics or Housing Trusts we can support you in transforming your IT Service Delivery, removing costs and achieving and maintaining CQC, DSPT and Insurance Compliance.

Who we work with

Workplace IT provide IT Outsourced Services to many of the UK’s leading Health and Social Care organisations from standalone regional Domiciliary Care Agencies to many of the UK’s top 20 Social Care Groups.

Care groups

Care Groups with a head office and multiple care homes, specialist education schools, branch offices and home and mobile people based across the UK.

Care homes

Individual and small groups of regional care and residential homes looking for a local IT service which understands the unique needs and language of the Health and Social Care Sector.

Home care

Single Office and multi-branch Domiciliary Care businesses supporting the operational teams, mobile and extra living care based carers.


Local and UK based Hospices looking for an IT service which understands the unique IT needs and language of a Hospice.

Private clinics

Providing NHS and Private Hospital connected IT Support and IT Solutions to local, regional and national private clinics.

Housing Trusts

Providing IT outsourced services to UK Housing Trusts who offer dedicated and contracted extra living care services to their residents.